How to Repair Minor Shingle Roof Leaks

One of the most irritating things could happen when our roof leaks when it rains. This would put us to extra work and hassle, which is such a nuisance because it takes our time instead of just chilling in the cool temperature.

Roof Leaks

The good news is, if the leaking is just a minor one, we can fix it even with just minimal knowledge and skills about carpentry. This guide would allow you to fix it for yourself, and not waste any more money to repair men.

Considerations Before we Start

Before we start fixing our shingle roof leaks, we have to take necessary considerations or precautions. These are,

  1. Don’t Do the work during rain – Leaks occur during a rain, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we fix the problem during it. For safety purposes, don’t do the work during the rain. Rain makes our surroundings darker, making it harder for us to fix the problem. It also makes the roof slippery, making it dangerous and hazardous for us.
  2. Find an Assistant – Finding an Assistant makes our job easier and will help us perform more effectively. An assistant can be anyone, your wife or your kids. Their only function in this work is to notify you and assist to give you things while you are on the roof.

Here’s how.

  1. Expose the Leak – Leak is our problem, right? So the first thing we should do is to identify its source. Leaking is easily identified on a flat roof, but it can be tricky for slanted ones because some leaking actually comes from damage to the roof that is a good distance away from it.

What you will do to identify the leak is to have a hose and pour water into the area around the suspected place of leaking. Have your assistant ready underneath, to notify you when the leak is identified.

If you have slanted roofing, most likely the damage on the roof is higher than the place of the leaking.

If you have an attic, have your assistant a flashlight to identify water stains, molds, or black marks. This is where, most likely, the leak comes from.

  1. Identify the problematic Shingle – After exposing the leak, you have to identify the problematic shingle that is causing it. Assess if the problem, if the shingle is missing then you have to buy a new one. If it is curled, then you have to straighten it out.
  2. Straighten Curled Shingles – Straightening curled shingles is no easy task, especially if the weather is cold. But this can be solved by heating, particularly heat from an electric dryer. Don’t use heat from an open flame of any kind, it will not solve the problem, it will destroy the shingles even more.
  3. Attaching the fixed Shingle – After extracting and mending the curled shingle, you have to attach it back by using asphalt roof cement. Apply it underneath the single as well as the sides and you are done!

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how to repair minor shingle roof leak. If you find the job difficult, you can always ask for a roof leak contractor in Hialeah to do it for you.


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Home Cleaning Tips to Help People Suffering From Allergies

Whether you or any family member suffers from allergies or asthma throughout the year, there are ways to alleviate the misery of itchy eyes, sneezing, throat and respiratory distress and rashes by properly cleaning allergens.  


Allergens are a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Dust mites, insect droppings, pollen, pet dander, and molds are some of the common allergens found at home. Regular cleaning of your home is a crucial part of an allergy management plan.  Cleaning itself can trigger allergy because dust and other allergens get stirred up in the air. 

Wearing a protective mask is beneficial especially if you neglected cleaning for several weeks. It is also necessary to use proper tools and cleaning products to prevent exposure to chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Here are some tips to help you lessen the chance of allergic reactions at home. 

    Reduce Allergens in the Entire House 

Dust mites and mold spores prefer heat and humidity so it is good to move to control indoor humidity and temperature. Maintaining a temperature between 20 – 22 degrees Celsius and a level of humidity, not more than 50%, you can decrease their rate of growth. 

You must use small particle filters in cooling and central heating systems as well as in room air conditioners. The filters should also be cleaned or changed monthly. It is beneficial to use traps or professional exterminators to control pests such as mice and insects. You must also seal any cracks that may allow them to enter your home. 

Clutter and dust catchers must also be removed from living space. Bathe indoor pets weekly and their beddings must always be cleaned.  

    Reduce Allergens in Bedroom 

It is essential to clean our bedroom weekly because we spend so much time in that place and it is also full of soft and dust catching surfaces. Begin with the bedding and bed. You must wash pillowcases, sheets, and blankets in hot water at least once a week. Never hang bedding outside to dry if you have allergies because the outdoor pollens might stick with your sheets. 

Encase pillows, mattress and box springs in dust mite proof cases, choose washable comforters and bedspreads. Pillows must also be cleaned on a regular basis.  It is crucial to clean the bedroom weekly starting at the top going down. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted. 

    Reduce Allergens in the Bathroom 

Mold and mildew are the most dangerous allergens in the bathroom. Use chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide to halt and remove mildew. Install and use an exhaust fan when taking showers or baths to prevent additional growth of mildew. Tub, sink, and toilet fixture must be regularly checked for leakage and should be repaired as soon as possible. 

    Reduce Allergens in the Living Area 

Begin cleaning at the top of the room so that dust and allergens drift down and cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Ceiling fans and light fixtures must be cleaned well.  

Carpets should be cleaned properly and it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaning services to secure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Thankfully, there are many companies such as that provides high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

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What Can A Residential Elevator Give You? 

There are times in our home that we experience mobility problems, especially if we have a two to three story building as our house. Moreover, being capable in moving in every part and every floor of the house with ease is such a big advantage to us homeowners. And because of that the use of residential elevators has become not just a trend, bust a necessity nowadays. Yes, as a homeowner who wants to experience greater mobility and ease in their homes, you will definitely appreciate the use of a residential elevator. Because of elevators, not just you, but your visiting friends or relatives will also enjoy the freedom and ease in navigating in each floor of the house without climbing up with a stairwell which is a very big disadvantage for kids, old people, and disabled one. Aside from that, here are another great benefits that you will experience when you have a residential elevator: 


First off and foremost, residential elevators doesn’t just provide you greater mobility, it also provides you convenience. There are times where you will have to clean or make changes in the positions of your furniture. If you have an elevator, you can easily move around these things with ease if you want to put them in another floor of the house. You can also easily transfer groceries around the house through the use of elevators. Secondly, it increases your home’s property value. It is hard to deny that you as a homeowner, somehow looks at your home as a monetary asset. Someday you will be planning to sell it if you plan on moving to another bigger pasture. If you add a residential elevator, it can increase your home value at a very high cost. As you look at it today, the installation of elevators in residential properties has become a common thing. It became mainstream due to the dramatic decrease of its installation cost. Because of this, it enabled the working class in having one. Residential elevators now are not for the rich and famous only, it has become accessible to us, and having one in our homes can truly increase its property value. Moreover, elevators are symbols of sophistication and luxury, therefore, having one could add a unique and elegant feature that can add to your homes aesthetic qualities. Just make sure that he design and type of your elevator fits the over-all design of the interiors of your home. Ask you elevator contractor or expert to help you choose the right kind of material and design for your elevator in order to achieve a visually stunning and beautiful showpiece that you can use and enjoy inside your house.  

The installation of residential elevators are also made possible through the use of mortgage where you can use you existing loans for the house and add a monthly payment for the elevator. Isn’t it good? Having an elegant looking and luxurious transportation machine in your house is really a great advantage to us. Therefore, if you are planning to install one, just check out Astoria elevator installation and hire them to do the installation for you so you might experience and more mobile, convenient and luxurious home. 

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